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Grizzly bears have a pronounced "hump" above their shoulders.
This hump is a large muscle that helps them dig and move boulders and trees. Black bears do not have this hump. Their highest point is their rump - when standing on all fours of course.

Grizzly bears can run up to 30 miles per hour.
All bears including grizzlies can climb trees and run faster than humans.

When hiking in the back country there is safety in numbers.
There is not one documented bear attack on groups of more than six people.

Bears are NOT territorial.
Each bear has a distinctive personal boundary that humans and other bears must learn not to cross into.

When a bear stops what he's doing to look up at you, you've have crossed into his personal space. By getting too close you are stopping him from his normal activities and negatively affecting his natural behavior. This greatly increases the likelihood of an attack.

Bears live between 18 and 35 years.
Both coastal brown (commonly called grizzly) and black bears fall between this range, though over 30 for any bear is considered rare. Most animals in captivity including bears don't generally live as long as they would in the wild.

People food is very bad news for bears.
When people feed bears or bears accidentally get into human garbage, the bears will seek that kind of food instead of what they are supposed to eat in the wild. This causes them to become what's known as "nuisance bears". Most of these bears lose their fear of humans and have to be killed. Please don't feed the bears. In most places it's illegal to feed any wildlife, including bears.

Koalas are not really bears.
They are marsupials, have pouches to carry their babies and are related to kangaroos and possum.

Bears are pigs use the same names for girl and boy.
Bear and pig males are called boars and the females of both species are called sows. Bears and pigs are not related to each other although they are both mammals.

Grizzlies can weight 800 pounds and stand 8 feet tall. The tallest ever seen was reportedly 9 feet tall and lived in Alaska.

Bears are omnivores.
That means they will eat almost anything including plants and animals. Bears, especially grizzlies eat fish, bugs, small animals, dead animals killed by other animals, plants, flowers, roots, berries and usually whatever they can find that tastes good.

Bears are sometimes picky when there's plenty to eat.

When there are plentiful supplies of food and not too much other bear competition for it, grizzlies will sometimes choose to eat just the fish brains, roe (fish eggs), and skin, and leave the rest of the fish for other animals to eat. There is a high concentration of protein and calories in fish brains. Bears just love 'em!

Bears have a scent gland inside their mouth.
Bears have been seen holding potential food in their mouths for a few seconds to determine if it's safe to eat. If it's not they will spit it out.

70% of Yellowstone grizzlies hibernate in north facing dens.
The remaining bears utilize caves or existing dens to stay cozy and warm during the coldest winter months.

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