This is a blast, learning and creating this website for you. I hope you are enjoying it too!

The form below is set up for you to share bear stories. I won't be able to answer questions about bears. Pretty much everything imaginable is online, in books or Facebook Groups. Park rangers often have bear basics and pamphlets on hand and are happy to answer your questions about local bears. You're encouraged to check out my resources page for bear information I've found to be the most up to date and reliable.

There's some informative "how to identify a bear" information in hunting literature (yeah, I know...). It's important to note because some bears are illegal to hunt and it's often difficult to tell the difference between a grizzly and a black bear due to a wide variety of color variation within each species. (Yep, the chart will be here soon enough, I'm going to draw the darn thing by hand.)

I'm also working on creating a Facebook Group for bear fans to share more bear stories and experiences and hopefully some experts will share their expertise from time to time. When that's done and up and running I'll put a link here and on my resources page too.

Your suggestions and comments are welcome!

Thanks, fellow bears!

~ Loribear

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