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Welcome to LearnAboutBears.com, the fun place to start learning about bears. On this website I'll do my best to help you understand the typical bear's natural behaviors. I'll stress that bears have personalities as varied as people. I'll go over the basics like how to keep your distance so you stay safe, bears remain wild and always in a way that honors their magnificence stature and importance in the animal kingdom.

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:: September 21, 2011 We've had four recent bear sightings within a few feet of our front door. The first one presented itself as the shadow of a large animal seen through our glass block windows at the back of our cabin. As the shadow slowly passed it became clear it was more substantial than a deer. As it emerged into the clearing we saw a large, perhaps 4 year old black bear. He caught a glimpse of us and left in a hurry - good bear behavior around a residence.We named him "Shadow" and haven't seen him in person again though his paw prints show up on windows and his scat (poop) is often found nearby.

All was quiet on the bear front until a month later when another bear, probably about 2-3 years old was interested in the trout Greg and my brother Bob caught that day. Bears love trout, no doubt! We chased him off and cooked the trout on the outdoor barbecue without incident.

Little Bear contemplates climbing a tree to escape

Scarcely a week later the same bear was seen chomping on a deer block we keep out front for the deer. We normally have it available to them during winter months when food is scarce and most bears are hibernating. This is the first time we've had it out during summer/fall months and were preparing to put it away until after the first snow, since this is typically "bear fattening up" season.

After we chased him off and made sure he was long gone we removed the food source. He came back this morning to have another free snack and after inspecting the empty spot where the food source was he proceeded toward the house. I postured up in the front window and yelled "Bad bear! You're a bad, bad bear!" He looked at me with a bewidlered, almost sad look then turned and walked slowly down the driveway.

Thanks, bears!

~ Lori Goodman

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